Large Dogs | Funny Dog Video Compilation 2017

From large dogs getting scared of their reflection in the mirror, large dogs not wanting to play fetch, to large dogs getting walked by a little girl, these are just a few of the large dogs you’ll find in this large dogs video compilation.

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amy fergus says:

Small dog at 2:38 got me dead cause it got so scared 😂😂😂

Catherine Smith says:

loved this video. the dog in the little bed was so cute. had a great Dane mix a beagle and a weiner dog a one time. Cesar the great Dane mix was a boy and so was hardly the weiner dog. Caesar would let hardly hump his back legs and let hardly and rose the beagle eat with him. a very sweet and goofy dog. he wasn't a bed hog but rose was. he loved chasing the smaller dogs around the trailer we lived in. sadly they all went to rainbow bridge. rose went recently. they are chasing each other and Cesar is playing with any baby animals that are there.

kungfuman82 says:

5:55 "cats are friends, not food. Cats are friends, not food. Cats are friends, not food. Cats are friends, not food… yeah, go over there…"

Emely says:

aw these dogs are so cute

Just Random Comments says:

6:40 "Sarah you think this is fucking funny? Get this cat"

Leo Lehtonen says:

what dog breed is that in the first video

Life Skills, Hacks, and Utter Nonsense says:

That big dog trying to fit in the little bed 😂😂😂

Achilles Fitness says:

6:49 when she's underage but you know gods watching.

Tori Time says:

whats the place at 1:56

Andrew Quinlan says:

And to think that some of these were bred in Russia to hunt bears…Fucking Russian Bears

Taylor LaWailer says:

The dog and the mirror, lol! "WHAT SORCERY IS THIS!?"

zach e says:

at 1:40 that's exactly what my great Dane does

Cooper McLeod says:

The moment you realize that dog someone sold you was a bear

stabulous Koda says:

great danes make for great content because they're just so freaking goofy

Marely Garcia says:

tht little black dog tho

Simaka Wolf says:

whats the music used at the start and end ?

Badass Unicorn says:

I spun my fidget spinner to this.

Rosa Pool says:

I love this video 📹

Luioomba says:

00:18 Which dog breed is that?! o.O

foxygirl 122 says:

love this channel

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