Funniest And Cutest Golden Retriever Videos 2017 – Funny Dogs Compilation

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Yasin Alper says:

Bu kaç ? hav hav 😀

Oğuzhan Eren says:

Bu kac?? bu kac?? Turkler selam ver

the pink sheep lover LOL says:

the 3 dislike people are Sloulis

Fuqzzy * says:

I love dogs like these

Sumathi N says:

how cute😊😙

Erica Bangtan says:

rip myself the puppy cuteness kill me


very cuteeee

Sukma Jaya says:

it the soimut

kasma wati says:


Little Young Artist says:

I passed out from cuteness

lathunion n says:

my dog could watch a bomb explode, a house burn down, and a landslide about to kill manu people and could care less about it… but once a lazer pointer comes out, it's the greatest thing he ever saw. same goes for food, my dog will sort his poop so he can eat it in pieces… wtf

Gerald Kristoffer De Guzman says:

Awwww so cute I want a another dog so I have 2

Erni mail says:

So cute and adorable😍😍

the pink sheep lover LOL says:

I sent this to my mom she's doing right now,because we have 2 dogs,my family is a dog family

bishnu karki says:

are you from California

Abby Adventures says:


Ananya Anu says:

Aww!… so adorable puppys!…

Leonilazel Balagtas says:

Aww so much cute

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