Awesome Video! Big Dogs Having Fun! with Zeus the Red Doberman

Being BIG is FUN!!! Zeus the Red Doberman wanted to get out a little video about being big… its not so bad being a big dog after all, I love it! Zeus loves to play with the little dogs at the dogpark and also just LOVES wrestling around with the big dogs too! Theres times when Zeus doesnt realize that he actually is a BIG dog! This year Zeus the Red Dobemerman is averaging 125-130 pounds, so he is thinking its about that time to start a diet to lose a little of that “christmas feast” he has been snacking on over the holiday season… Spring is just around the corner and Zeus wants to stay fit for the summer that he knows is gonna be his best one yet!

Zeus loves his favorite hometown dog park in Brantford, Ontario which is Dogford Park. Zeus also loves to visit his favorite out of town dog park in Ancaster Ontario which is Cinema Dog Park – its just the best there and lots of dogs, space and water.. did I say water? Zeus loves playing in the water! Zeus will also be doing some recording in other dog parks around the area too, as always Zeus loves to visit Kitchener Ontario dog park, McClennan Dog Park on Ottawa Street, and also freqnets Cambridge Dog Park too! Zeus plans to search out other dog parks this summer, and I am sure he is gonna make us tag along our recording gear to capture some fun times hanging with his friends.

Thanks for watching, and be sure to visit to see more of Zeus and his buddies at dogparks around the area, there are TONS of videos Zeus has made over the years and 2014 will be no different, he is actually pretty excited about some ideas he has up his paws.. 🙂

See you at the park!
Zeus the Red Doberman





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Chris Sewter says:

love dobbies. Hate seeing them with cropped ears though. (always been illegal in Scotland. Now also illegal to dock any dogs tails here as well. 

Rebecca Hays says:

I also have a large red doberman named Zeus!  He is 124lbs.  Great video, love the dog. This is my fourth dobie.

rodd vape says:

hahahahaha that song tho nice vid

Pablo Alcazar says:

what harness is Zeus wearing? 

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