Dog Butts | Funny Dog Video Compilation 2017

From dogs scratching their butts on the couch, corgi butts in tights, to puppies trying to chase their tails, these are just a few of the dog butts you’ll find in this dog butts video compilation.

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Dog Scratches Butt on Wall
Dog Shows Owner Butt
Bulldog Enjoys Butt Scratch
Corgi and Puppy
Corgi Butt in Tights
Cute Dog Plops Next to Stuffed Animal
Puppy Teaches French Bulldog How to Dance
Dog Shaking It
Dog Can’t Catch Tail
Corgi Chases his Tail Nub
Shiba Inu Tries to Catch Tail


Kylie Potter says:

If this was a Try not to Laugh Challenge vid, I'd have lost at the opening.

Luigi Bianco says:

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Can you think of an African country where Blacks are predicted to become a minority in the near future? I didn't think so.
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Audrey Witty says:

Who is watching this may 28 2017

Kasey says:

I am a simple person, if I see a corgi in the thumbnail I will click.

Miche. says:

the BULLDOG puppy was the CUTEST thing EVERRRR❤️❤️❤️

sandhita mittal says:

hey which breed of dog is that? at 4:04 , thr other dog,the one not against the wall?

Ms. Ren says:

Sees thumbnail and immediately clicks

Shiro Saber says:

if you have a dog that have realy tiny tail and theyre reaching for it dont let them because when they get really angry about ot reaching theyre tail they will go wild

Sarah says:

gosh I love french bulldogs

Juan Rey says:

DAYUUUUUM!!! Corgis have T H I C C bubble butts.

Barb W says:

The Frenchy butt itch may be pin worms, they should have him checked. Anytime a dog inordinately itches its rear , they should be taken to the vet. GOD BLESS, Barb W

Carlos Rosales says:

What breed is that 5:19😟
The big dog

Nadia Sattar says:

When you catch ur dog watching this

Andrew Morphas says:

1:03 died

Angela Block says:

yeah…cuz food aggression is funny, assholes

Key-air-rawr says:

So much aggression in one lil booty…

Harambe isn't dead. says:

I put a whole bag of jelly beans up my ass

Ramlethal Valentine says:


Monica Dharmadhikari says:

the last bit wasnt about butt at all

Hipster Kitty says:

Is this the new porn?

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