Videos and Sounds for Dogs to Watch and Listen To : Birds Chirping and Singing

Videos and Sounds for Dogs to Watch and Listen To : Birds Chirping and Singing

Video Produced by Paul Dinning – Wildlife in Cornwall

Filmed on October 11th 2016


R Lo says:

My dog literally watched this for 13 minutes straight.

Dan Awesome says:


Clayton Chan says:

Can i use some of these sounds for a project Paul?

Vidushee Sharma says:

my fur baby watched it with all her concentration.. she was very calm but she did sniff a few times hehe but as the squrille came closer to the screen she poked her nose into the screen hehe it was so fun to watch her reactions thank you so much for the video.. 🙂 me and my cookie (female lab) really enjoyed it 🙂

G . J says:

2/4s of my cats stared at me during this.

Dakota Wilson says:

my dog loved it but then he lost interest when my step dad came in and started eating and quality streets lol

Little Ducky Chora says:

My dog bit The phone to lol

Aubrey Fitzgerald says:

My puppy did too

Madison Cooper says:

My dog paid no attention to this whatsoever…. but my pregnant cat ran in like a tiger ready to pounce.

Yourebasicbye says:

my dog kept biting my phone when this video was up lol

Judy Garner says:

I love all birds, no matter what their color. I thank you for the opportunity to see so many different birds.

Music4allofU Video Productions says:

Very nice Paul, as always.

laela1 says:

wonderful …. again

Alicia Min says:

That is a pop corn??

The Pigeon says:

Nice Video.

The Pigeon says:

0:34 What bird is that.

Tom Bell Nature says:

Great Video Paul, thanks for sharing

Ivana Istvanic says:

So dear and lovely! Thanks for share!!


Great video Paul, thanks for sharing! ^^

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