How to Prepare for Christmas

Buy presents, wrap presents, bake cookies, and watch Christmas movies

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Triceratops horridus says:

This is just too perfect…

Trae Craig says:

hmm, he spiled sprinkles, then he stares.

Cody Green says:

These are hilarious 😂👍

CringeMaker 2.0 says:

Is like every year Santa is coming to town SANNNTTTTAAAA

Azaria George says:

I love these so much they are really funny 😂😂😂

CringeMaker 2.0 says:

The way that the dog look at the glitter/Sprinkles and the camera.

RayJayRob says:


Retro- GIE says:

y screaming

Andywuhu says:

Long time no see 😀

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