Stuart the Salsa Dancing Dog

I am saddened to report Stuart passed away recently. I have no specifics except Stuart was old and became ill. His owners spent a lot of money trying to make him better, but it seems it was his time. I wish he knew how many people in this world smiled because of him. RIP Stuart Vaya Con Dios, little friend. Those who contend he was cruelly treated need to get a life. He taught himself how to do this and the leash facilitated balance. If it hurt him, he would not have danced, so shut up with your animal cruelty BS and get a life. The internet just cracks me up. Idiocracy really is rising.


Fred Escobar says:

I love what Stuart was doing dancing, he brings joy to all those who watch his video……
Condolences to Stuart's family…..keep dancing Stu…..

Cris Melo says:

I'm glad he's free now from the assholes who had him. I'm so sorry, little one, your life sucked. You probably were nothing but entertainment for humanoids and I don't discount you got sick because of this very unnatural activity ad the boredom you probably felt, not being a dog but a toy. I would want to checkout too.

tAmAdI DV says:

How did you do it?!?!?!?! Stuart you feel the music in such deep level. I can tell you enjoy dancing. You were one amazing doggy and you will always be remembered. Don't listen to those people and their negative comments. Seriously people, animal cruelty?!? come on. Animals are my life, and Stuarts family are one blessed family. Amazing!

What That says:

i'm seeing rope

marcio protasio says:

"He did this of his own volition." ; "he would have never danced in the first place."… dogs DON'T dance… do you think that the animal wakes up one day and thought:i wanna be a dancer!!

marcio protasio says:

Have you noticed the string forcing the dog upright? animal cruelty!

Claudia Hunt says:

OMG! cruelty i see that a string is holding the poor dog up and hes trying to balance himself which kind of makes it look like hes dancing.:/

Ohmy Dawg says:

r.i.p Stuart . u fucking amazed me

Deb Johnsen says:

does look cruel. shes a monster

포픈 says:

There are lines hanging chairs

ricardo mediano says:

Lo tiene Tumbao!!!

Apollo Mead says:

for everyone liking this video…have you noticed the string forcing the dog upright? animal cruelty!

Glenn Bezerra says:

I feel like this is what you see when you're high AF

Kote Japaridze says:


Ivan Laplante says:

My ears are bleeding and my headphones died. RIP

Raad Raad says:

name of the song please? 😏❤❤

Ligal says:

He is dead read description R.I.P

pepapm says:

¿Cuándo dejaremos de divertirnos a costa de los animales?

Stephanie Catzin says:

Si se dan cuanta tiene un hilo atado del perrito . Pobre perrito


Excellent and really funny, my latin maid said he danced better then her.  Whoever is calling this animal cruelty is an moron, you can see the dog is so happy.

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