Helpful Dog Tricks by Tanker the Lab

Whether it’s taking off my shoes, bringing me a tissue, or simply closing a door… Tanker is the ultimate helper! =)
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Glendaroot says:

He is so very helpful!

Isabelle Villafane says:

Ellen Degeneres needs to see this!

TJ the Trick Dog says:

He's about 10 or 11 we think 🙂

TJ the Trick Dog says:

Thanks! That's awesome too! =)

Kendra Stearns says:

That is soo cute! I recently started trick-training my 11 year old Yellow Lab. She is doing great and has the same attitude and facial expressions as Tanker! That's so cute and funny!

Isabelle says:

Awww Tanker is so sweet and helpful

dogagility411 says:

How old is he? He is adorable!

TJ the Trick Dog says:

Thanks! He's a natural retriever so he loves to fetch anything and for him to give them to me, I threw a toy, then pulled out another toy (or you can use a treat) and when he came back, we exchange toys. He'd drop the previous toy and then I would throw the new toy, and it continued like that until I just had him bring back the toy without me giving him another one! Hope this helps! =)

TJ the Trick Dog says:

Thank you! =)

TJ the Trick Dog says:

Thank you so much!!! =)

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