Dark Dogs | Funny Dog Video Compilation 2017

From dogs growling for more attention, dogs barking at other dogs, to dogs being over protective, these are just a few of the dogs who have gone to the dark side that you’ll find in this dark dogs video compilation.

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Dalmatian Walks Quietly https://instagram.com/p/BQ2copGgdwB/
Dog Smiles for Owner
Dog Tries to Eat Cage
Rottweiler Shows Owner Mean Face https://twitter.com/lordeech/status/611681590654185472
Dog Doesn’t Let Owner Pet Cat
Dog Knocks over Cat to Steal Toy https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=798TTsjf9v0
American Bully Dog Hates Vacuum https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z7GbpVo_Zpg
Guilty Dog Freaks Out and Bites Owner https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PflTT7TUYc8
Dog Protects Lobster https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9PN-OHz9pRc
Dog Barks at Dog to Shut Up
Dog Wants Kisses and Growls
Big Dog Afraid of Small Puppy https://instagram.com/p/BDFmdOyNifm/


Kristanni20X6 says:

That dalmatian is precious

A Kali says:

Rabid behavior (crazy) = rabies, not a joke


2:50 god that dog had beautiful eyes

cellogirl11RW says:

0:25 That dog should NEVER be caged. He is clearly frustrated by the fact that he can't get out and release his energy. When a dog can't properly vent his energy, it eventually comes out in a very explosive manner in which he could easily hurt someone, either by accident or on purpose. The fact that this dog is gnawing on his cage tells me that he is very close to that point because dogs gnaw on things to release pent up energy.

hdb80 says:

Dachshunds are effing crazy.

Chemmow says:

If you can't handle the videos, then don't watch. Why whine about the "mistreatment" when nothing's going to happen. Chill, it's humor.

PallaNightwolf says:

Ok seriously! It is NOT funny to watch people force their dogs into situations where they growl, snarl or snap! Showcasing videos like this as "funny" is sick! I work every day trying to help dogs like these find new lives after people push them too far for "entertainment" and they bite becoming "bad dogs". There are no bad dogs, just stupid owners who don't listen when their pets ask them to back off. Dogs snarl, growl, lip-lick and "smile" not to entertain us but to tell us they aren't happy. If you fail to hear them, then they bite and end up getting killed or dumped as a result. I'm really angry a supposed animal welfare and supporter of rescue animals channel (at least in the past) would promote and encourage such stupidity. The next animal deaths are on your hands! >(

Tobias Heilmann says:


ville666sora says:

What did the people commenting about the last clip expect them to do with the lobster, let the dog keep it or something? lol

Afnan Zahran says:

One word:Rabies

Clash O'Clans says:

All these dogs need a massive snap kick to the face

Mumzly04 says:

Oh that vicious pit bull mauling that innocent vacuum.

Mugelbbub says:

Probably shouldn't have clicked on this at 2am

2:14 Diane looks like a gremlin

Luigi Bianco says:

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Paolo Bitti says:

Bad fucking crazy life

Kain says:

fuck those people at the end

Chloe Ellis says:

3:20 KONGOS!

Meruu .B says:

Fue muy cruel lo de la langosta, sigue siendo un animal. pero si cambiaremos las cosas por un perro, ls gente reaccionaria y verian un perro encariñanfose con otro. pero no… al ser una langosta tiene menos privilegios. es muy triste.

Kawaii Yet says:

That papillon xD

Rollins John says:

The corgi was like….dude don't even think about…oh wait…human my nose is stuck!

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