Amazing Dog Tricks performed by Jesse!

Jesse’s motto: Jack Russell Terriers can do it all! Walking hand stands, somersaults, driving a motorized car, rolling atop a ball, riding a scooter, jump roping, skateboarding, and much, much, more! Jesse shows off many of his most amazing tricks; complete with his adorable smile. =o)

Jesse loves learning tricks, and is continually expanding his vocabulary. The enhanced communication and bond that comes from spending time together pushes us to think up more fun and challenging tricks. We both have a great learning tricks together! Jesse is taught using exclusively positive reinforcement and relationship-based training. Find out more on his Official Website:
We hope you enjoy! ~Heather and Jesse~

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Special Thanks to Ashley ( and Tiffany (Tiffany’s Diamond Dogs) for help filming some of the tricks.

Music by: Rickvanman
“Thought Police” His music is under Creative Commons. Royalty Free music available at:
***Special Thanks to the store that allowed us to film Jesse shopping inside! =o)***


JustJesse197 says:

💕Please VOTE for Jesse as Arizona's Cutest Dog! 🐶💕
✨Voting is open daily, and can be done more than once, until September 9th 🙂 🌟

Kristen K says:

your dog is cute my puppy can do track and jump really high

Nandu Tasgaonkar says:

Wonderfull !!!!!

Jaimie & Dionne says:

this dog is so genious i wish my dog like that=)📶

AmythystWeeks says:

your dog amazes me!!!

Sweet Life says:

Looks like a trainning montage karate dog coming soon

GebGlassEye says:

smart dog and happy dog

margaret coote says:

You should go on Britains got talent!! Wonderful. Better than any of the dogs that have been on before and they were good. You are amazing, both of you

Maria Galvan says:

i will give you1,00000000000000 dollars for that dog 😍😋😂😶

Emma Price says:

how do u teach him all those tricks???i have a jack russel to???

TrooleKRATOS says:


Lol says:

Go to America got talent you can so win with the doggy SOO CUTE <3

Mary G says:

She is too cute..Earned a sub..Oooh god how much I love dogs.She can skate better then me..:D

Tamara Peters says:

Jess is so smart I won't one

Frühling says:

Amazing! You are a really good trainer!I wish you two the best for the future!Sorry when there are any mistakes, I am German.

random person says:

how did you train him ?!!😮

Ermelina Andriukaityte says:

so cool !

Kangba Lovejoy says:

amazing amazing—I juts got a JKT– wish I could train 'BONZO' like this…. loved it..

Xx That One Girl xX says:

Does your dog perform in dog shows

Mohanish Jayal says:

+JustJesse197 👍👍👍

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