Rescued injured Fisher Cat on my porch

Someone hit-and-ran this Fisher Cat near my house in northeastern Massachusetts while I was on my way to work. He was dragging himself in circles using his front paws, his rear legs seem broken. I coaxed him into a box a kindly Indian couple stopped and gave me, using a long ice scraper so as not to get too close. When I returned home and brought the box into the porch, he flopped around inside it and wound up on the floor, where he tried to get comfortable and sleep and I took this video. I’m taking him to a wild animal veterinarian as soon as I can, hopefully they can do something for him.

Apologies for the vertical video, I wanted to get a quick video of him before running out the door to work(I was a half hour late at this point) and was a bit high-strung and not paying close attention to the orientation considering the viciousness of Fisher Cats and that this one had just flopped himself out of the box he was in.

My stupid dog barks at him near the end of the video, sorry about that.

Update: took him to the Tufts wildlife rescue league and they said he showed signs of neurological damage in addition to hind leg injuries, possibly rabies, which is likely the reason he was in the road and got hit to begin with. They had to put him down. RIP little dude. 🙁


Mid-Atlantic Wildlife says:

How did it go?

indoctus41 says:

Great that you stepped up and did everything you could for the little guy.


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