Try Not To Laugh | Funny Cat Video Compilation 2017

From cats mesmerized by disco lights, cats trying to fit into small bowls, to cats chasing their own tail, these are just a few of the funny cats you’ll find in this funny cats video compilation. We dare you not to laugh!

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Original Links:
Cat Climbs Into Bowl
Cat Latches onto Loaf of Bread
Cat Pushes Other Cat Down Ladder
Cat Almost Falls off Chair
Cat Gets Whacked by Golden Retriever’s Tail
Cats Fight Each Other
Cat Licks Own Chest
Cat Falls Off Cat Tower
Cat Closes Door on Dog
Cat and Dog Stare at Lizard in Tank
Cat Chases Own Tail
Window Washer Plays with Cat
Cat Mesmerized by Disco Lights


Captuon Falcon says:

I died at the starting XD

Tiana K. says:

what made this video more funny for me was, my cat trying to scratch the cat in screen at 4:21. my cat and i always have a cat video time before we sleep. lol

Brutal-Quesadilla says:

1:45 when you ace a test you didn't study for:

The candy Cat says:

My kitten cuddle with me but on my head or neck are they trying to kill me

eRainbowSprinkles Fun says:

Round and round the tower
the kitty chases his tail!
Round and round the tower
Boom goes the kitty!

Stacy Thai says:


Dr Cakes says:

dog at 0:40? I've been thinking about getting a dog

Lexus Kun says:

Me and my friends call this cat 'Bagel cat'

Ganja Mon says:

I watch cat videos to uplift my soul

Micaela Sainz says:

The moment when you realize that you have watched all of these vids so they are not funny anymore…

Happy dogs says:

its make me happy

revinevan87 says:

pretty easy not to laugh at this oe

Luigi Bianco says:

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Onward Official says:

ive seen all of these videos on your channel be4, step it up

Wolf Sketch says:

Love love looooooove cats

BloodFlow HigH says:


Laura Gadille says:

I've seen the window washer one before, by far my favorite video.

Laura Gadille says:

The dog and cat starting at the food, priceless.

Stampyfan16 says:

I laughed 4 times in 1 minute and 42 seconds. I'm terrible at these!

Stevie B says:

same videos as usual, but in a new order woooooooow

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