Mean Dog Attacks Old Man


Thomas King says:

Dog wanted to hump leg so bad.

Vi mo says:

He's playing!!

Fish and Fluff says:

He was either doing a good job at trying to get food or was having fun messing with this guy either way I LOVE IT

Blizzy Wolf says:


Maria Fonseca says:

Ands its not his fault he isn't neutered .

Maria Fonseca says:

It's not the dogs fault he doesn't have rabies shots .

mrFunandgames10 says:

hes not mean he is curios

ThePower1987 says:

he had drugs on him

Al Bayhi says:

I saw this big dog chase this kite skate guy ! The dog the lost in this attack match up big time! The dog thought im going to attack the kite or the guy with it ! The Kite Skater guy caught the attack dog of guard big time ! The dog jumped to bite the kite then missing the kite turned to attack the skate guy ! Then when the dog jumped to knock the kiteskater down to bite him the table got turned ! Catching the dog by the front legs falling backwards he slamed the dog into the street the end !

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