Attack of The Killer Weiner Dogs!!

They look so innocent….but beware when you enter through their gate. They will take you down. They will smother you. And they will not stop…. it’s the attack of the killer weiner dogs! Filmed by Melanie Metz of the Twister Sisters (


Armando Flores says:

I came across your video on fb. I wanted to let u know how much it made me smile. I'm currently in training in the U.S. Army and away from my wife and my two kids. My wife and I have no children. Our kids have 4 legs. They're dachshund sisters and I miss them dearly. Before I left home, my girls use to welcome me home the exact way. Watching this video definitely made me laugh and smile and wanted to thank you for being fellow dachshund owners as this breed is completely awesome. Thank you.

Pigglett Daniels says:

my piddles and hercules (both minis) do the exact same thing

Rusty Cox says:

Those cute pups love by the mantra ,
"kill em with kindness".

Amberlee Davies says:

My two Dachshunds do the same thing! Cookie, that is one name, will wrap her front paws around my neck and press her face and neck into my face. I blow raspberries to get her off but now she loves them and pushes harder. It stinks when my husband holds me down and they both try and smother me.

aliveforanimation says:

Watch as the amazing weiner dogs tag team and work together to maul their victim

synchroman22 says:

Oktober taylor yu two haha that is a good
Mix of dog breed chihuhua and wiene

Max Olson says:

funny max is my name

Ellen Zooms says:

So Funny! I watch your video all the time for a good laugh!

David Thompson says:

thats funny,,,:)

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