Derpy shih tzu doing smart tricks

Cooper is a derpy-looking shih tzu who likes to do unusual tricks! In this video he does a selection of “smart” tricks, including: putting shapes in a shape sorter, sorting cotton reels by color, and counting pieces of kibble. For information on how he learned some of these tricks, visit To use this video in a commercial player or in broadcasts, please email


grapezzzz19 says:

Soon shih tzus will overthrow the human race

San Boonmee says:

How did you train " Derpy "

Chelsee de angeles says:

My shih tzu is a girl but has also the same color she loves to heel if there chicken around and one time she secretly took one chicken … and we caught her.. lol

Pilip Pilipus says:

This derpy shih tzu is probably the most cutest thing i've ever seen.

april ymas says:

i have a shih tzu shes 1

Krystian Charzyński says:

Kocham tego pieska

Blur Icy says:

0:35 that face lol

ThatGamingPro says:

then my puppie is derpy my shih tzu is similar to that

Inky's Fantastic Adventures says:

that dog doesnt need to go to dog school after all

Kerri Smith says:

how did you teach the first trick with the shape shorter?

pika23 says:

My dottie jean is 11, she under stands the word "contest" it's a game we play where she'll bark and then we bark and she tries to bark again before we do…she knows "go on your own bed" meaning don't jump on the bed, or not to jump on laps at that moment. "walk" "dinner" normal stuff…

Melek. says:


Swixo Fx says:

good work 🙂


i fell in love 😍😍

Macey Martinez says:

That's one of the smartest dogs I've ever seen! I give my treats and applaud to you!👏😊

Harley'sworld _ROBLOX says:

So cute and clever love it

Sophie Thornton says:

I'm waching the shoe now

m1330T9500 says:

such a good boy

AK girlsmile says:


sοfιαςlαяα τhέ βεαи ツ says:

That's one smart dog
How come my shit zu is so lazy?

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