Best Funny Guilty Dogs Compilation

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Claudette Smith says:

ouch! what a pig!

lisalafayette says:

The slow 'perp' walk at 08:10 is too funny….adorable.

Mel Toretto says:

Let's Fight for Animal Rights and Compassion….                                                 EARTHLINGS — Documentary

p says:

the slow crawl just knocks me out. lol.

Cr7 The best says:

haaahaaaha lexie is awesome

Cr7 The best says:

for anyone who doesnt know nesmiš means you cant. youre welcome

ScreamingCheese says:

Santa dog did it.

ScreamingCheese says:

Btw. in the first scene on paper is written "do not touch it!"

Nakayla Wingfield says:

notice when all the dogs get in trouble they sit down, go on their side or on their back or try to sneak away or hide their face😂😂

Kayla Orchard says:

first one tho …
and I thought I was a fat plio crap…

Keri Xianne says:

Awe dorable

Jennifer Burwell says:

The first one is pure entrapment but most of the others are really funny. Especially the one where the guy has two dogs, and it's immediately obvious which one did it. We take care of these little funny, awesome jerks and we get to make fun of them sometimes. It's only fair. "Why did you eat the table? tables aren't for eating" lol

Shyamith Wedisinghe says:

ha ha its so funny video

Kalena Tran says:

Poor puppies 😢

Valueless Dollar says:

8:03 The walk of shame. 🔔🔔🔔

lollipop girl says:


Sohaib Aljarih says:

I disliked the video. why do you put a plate of food in front of the dog then you hurt the dog with what he or she eat??

Devlina Biswas says:

stop scolding plz

Sunita Chumun says:

6.50 7.05 is very vee.g. funny

layla cox says:

7:59 Why is he in the bath

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