10 Funniest Raccoon Videos



Calm The Fuck Down by Broke For Free


Sinisterage says:

The one sitting at the table enjoying his grapes is so fucking cute. All of them are really. They're so crazy smart, and the way they use their little hands so much is so cool. Easily one of my very favorite animals. Raccoons don't get enough respect. And to those idiots who are so terrified of them; despite what you've been told it is VERY RARE for raccoons to be carrying rabies. Rabies in general is not a super common thing anymore. In fact I'm pretty sure you're more likely to get rabies from squirrels rather than raccoons, but admittedly that's just anecdotal.

23 Savage says:

I cant tell if Raccoons are smart or stupid after watching this

Isela Rosas Rodriguez says:

The poor raccoon got burned😒

Victoria Musumeci says:

their little hands…perfect for making off with a stolen fistful of catfood 😂 but never in my life did I think I'd see a raccoon eating grapes off the vine…and being SO cute while doing it!!

The Tutor101 says:

The second video was exactly a representation of me at my dentist appointment with dentist being the raccoon

J Riley Hill says:

grape is cutest, cat food thief is funniest

Vlad Molotov says:

Do you know that fact: racсoon with a tie is a tycoon?

ClearedCrayon says:

Raccoons = the expert thieves of the animal world

Madame Reader says:

the last one is mean. Just let it drink water, dont play with him. bitch

Rocket Racoon says:

So….these are my brothers?

jblue88 hood gamer says:

damn rocket raccon damn rigbie.

Trixie44 - Night Crew Angel says:

Didn't like the last video because the lady was teasing the coon with the hose. Everything else fabulous.

smol artū says:

what am I doing here. Oh wait ANYONR KNOW DELIRIOUS???


Heavenly DOG says:

they have bad manners to a cat.

Kiwi Jooce says:

2:20…me tho…at school…in the cafeteria…tryna get the spoon I threw away…

Vagabond Frog says:

They're like cat monkeys.

GunClingingPalin says:

The one where the coon ran off with both hands cupped together full of catfood.. He knew that was his last option cause the cat were not having any of his shit… and he knew it… They aint stupid.. but he did go a little overboard with how fast he ran away.. paranoid fella.

Dio says:

why they aren't saying "nanoda"???!?

jamesthemaniac says:

just yoink takes a handful of food!

Skyler Liang says:

This is funniest thing in the world

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