Funny Dog and Cat Doesn’t Want Kisses Compilation 2017

Funny Dog and Cat Doesn’t Want Kisses Compilation 2017
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Dr. Hospital says:

my cat will bite me on the nose if I try to kiss him

Shubham Phugare says:

"bae, its sex time not a foreplay time"

Shubham Phugare says:

"hey vegan,remove that veggie between teeth before foreplay"

Ruzain Raif says:

"Put your face away from me human!! wats wrg wth u?!"

Faraz Ahmed says:

May seem funny to you but to them it's annoying as fuck. You are being assholes doing this

Alex M says:

Lol that Bernese Mountain Dog sounded like it was saying "noooo!" Hahahaha😂😂😂😂 so funny lol😆

Maranda Reidhead says:

nobody is gonna comment about the mustache kitty at 2:33?

Michele W says:

All those cat-litter-swishing paws right on the lips…. Here's some urine and fecal matter for ya, Maw.

Veronica Dunbar says:

Life is more than kisses. Yeah.

Suhaib M.C says:

they need a toothpaste and a brush : )

Семен Сименыч says:

"no human.stop it human. cease this nonsense"

KareemOtoum says:

the real problem is that the cat thinks hes trying to bite of her neck XD

Tamil Selvan says:


baby girl Hahn says:

"l don't know where you're mouth has been. " lol

FunnyPig says:

Nooooo, Go Brush Your Teeth Human!!

Kajal Naik says:

they r soooooo cute!😊😍😍😘😙

Cassandra James says:

Maybe they have bad breath. So cute though

Joanteiro J M says:

In all this situations Bad Breath it's the problem!!!

Mely Moustache says:

It so funny

Patricia Ayson says:

lol hahahah 3:08

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