Bad Cats Club | Funny Cat Video Compilation 2017

From cats stealing food from the cabinets, cats trapping dogs in blankets, to cats trying to pick fights, these are just a few of the bad cats you’ll find in this bad cats club video compilation.

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Cat Empties Out Drawers
Cat Pushes Other Cat Down Ladder
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Cat Traps Dog in Blanket
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Cat Surprised by Other Cat Hiding in Bag
Cat Tackles Kitten off Couch
Cat Punches Horse in Face
Angry Cat Paws at Neighbor’s Window
Cat Latches onto Loaf of Bread
Cat Steals Treats
Cat Steals Snacks
Cat Pulls Gauze out of Jars


MsCherryPop3 says:

If the cat in the last video was stealing bread, maybe the owner needs to feed him. Not funny.

Dianna Rhyno says:

About the cat at the end: If the cat was in pain he would have let go, he wasn't even shaking him hard enough to cause harm it was more of a wiggle lol. Calm your nipples. xD

Kelbah Knights says:

in reference to the last video…who in their stupid mind thinks that shaking a cat's body will make the cat let go? If this guy thought that was funny, man, he needs brain cells.

debra bolton says:

When cats are bad, they're very bad but when they are good, they're the best! It's not that they're bad, they're mischievous and very curious. I have a 15 year old cat that still has is "bad moments" especially when they involve toilet paper on the dispenser and paper towels left on the counter

Steven Steven says:

The last cat reminds of me of my stubborn sister! Ugh!

ilgattopardoeladonna says:

I did not like the person shaking the poor cat from the burger buns bag … can break his teeth … The cat was cool, that kind of stuff is what makes cats great and funny!!!

Virginia Ryno says:

I re-watched the last video and I totally agree this guy is a complete idiot. He needs to feed his animals. What a complete moron, shouldn't be allowed to have animals.

Stingy Dorito says:

Can someone tell me what breed of cats are they both at 1:37

Marshal Tenner Winter says:

bread cat rocks.

Russ Josey says:

That last person needs to be picked up by their teeth (if they have any)! Thats a cat, not a pitbull you jerk.

LegendOfLink102 says:

Dude why would you do that? In the last vid! That is no way to treat any animal, even if they won't let go of something they shouldn't have.

Thecatlover Kitty says:

I want a cat

Kandie Cockrell says:

The last one is clearly animal abuse… and for those of you saying it's not.. when was the last time someone grabbed what you had in your mouth and shook you violently? Said person would be sent to jail for assault, so don't tell me it's not animal abuse

ol‘timmer moler says:

“Yeah, i‘m BAD – so whatcha‘gonnado‘boutit, sucka‘?”

James Nussbeck says:

That last cat was probably just concerned about his owner gaining too much weight. "You're supposed to avoid carbs Susan!"

lucy girl says:

Yeah, pretty much seen all of these bad cats in your previous postings. Now…about the bread loaf cat: I hope people realize that cats' teeth aren't screwed into their little heads and that they CAN and DO come out! Let's be careful please.

Gabby Martinez says:

why do people let their cats do this ….

Briggs says:

DONT SHAKE A CAT LIKE THAT what is wrong with people!? All you gotta do is wedge a finger back in their mouth a little bit, the way you would to get them to open up for a pill. Poor thing had scratches on its nose too, there were way too many animals in that house

account five says:

I hate cats, they're dicks

Unique08 says:

Love the haters can't get enough welcome to the Bad Cats Club!

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