Freestyle dog dancing


Isabel Cristina says:

Os animais são simplesmente maravilhosos.Lindo esse cãozinho!!!!!!

Leona M says:

That was great. What an amazing teaam

Adda Skardhamar says:

Woow! Amazing!

gottalovemulder1 says:

OMG this one amazing too! Looks like from the same competition! Love it so funny especially when the dog knocks the guy over 😀 Bravo to the trainer amazing doggie^^

Kevin Mungra says:

who are stupid people that dislike this????

sequoyahbean says:

@MrNBC9 I believe that's Fly

Eileen Barnes says:

I love this! Great job!!!

Winkiedoodles says:

Oh, spectadular, wonderful and marvelous! What a great routine. Truly amazing that the dog remembered all the parts.

makingasplash4rescue says:

this is so awesome

Míša K says:

Thats amazing!!!!

CavaliereDU33 says:

very good très bien

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