Dog Dancing Funny Mexico Funny Music


Cecilia Amezcua says:

cool dog nice


soy mexicano :v

Elizabeth Propst says:

omg i am having tears of joy i am watching this at school
it is cute. and i love the music

Star Winters says:

So funny ha

Eduardo Castro says:

thats so funny

Gloria Bella says:

😜😜😜😜😜😜😜 lol

Darren Peters says:

Mexican dog step

Darren Peters says:

Mexican hips shake Chico

Mrs. Mckfuzzins says:

what do you expect he's a chihuahua

Jason Arias says:

the song is – ana maria

DCJ Weirdgirl says:

what's the name of this song?

Jersey John says:

put a poncho on him. and maybe a sombrero 🙂 thats too funny

tub of lard 01 says:

Aww that is so cute

Invisible Bass says:

Kapitan Te Kurwe Dał!

katreena pega says:

ang ganada and nakakatawa

Guadalupe Gregorio says:

i like when the dog dans

Kim Alvarez says:

I. Love. It

MJ77 PLAYS says:


Itztáni Melahuac says:

Thats spic (spaniard) music, not mexican!

Little Yazzie Yaz says:

so cute😍😍😍😍😍

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