Cutest Yorkies Puppies – A Funny Dogs Videos Compilation 2016

Cutest Yorkies Puppies – A Funny Dogs Videos Compilation 2016
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J Gallardo says:

I don't find it funny when the yorkies are scared by humans. I think that's inhumane.

Lucas Degiorgi says:

jajajaja atrevemos querubines♥♥♥《》♥

Okfam says:

my yorkie is almost 1 year old and his hears haven't went up yet and hes sooooo cute

Kim Drones says:

so cute and funny 🐶🐶🐶🐕🐕

Shirley Edgar says:

i have a yorkie

Unicorns Are Awesome says:


Emilia Nejman says:

tak czy nie

Emilia Nejman says:

czy one sa do adopcji

Emilia Nejman says:

ile on kosztuje

Emilia Nejman says:

tego pieska trzeciego yorka

Emilia Nejman says:

chce zaadoptowac tego trzeciego

TheDougVT says:

The best friend men can get.

Callie LuvsYorkiepups says:

How do u get a profile pic

Callie LuvsYorkiepups says:

I have a yorkie pup called Fluffy

Roselyn Espinosa says:

I have one of thos it's name is snopy it's a boy

Puppy Productions says:



They are so adorable. I would lovetospoila fur baby

PisiPisi MeawMeaw says:

so cute!Omg..

Tim PS volunteer says:

Omg so cute!!!!!

Stef nelson says:

If there is any good hearted people that could help my friend with his situation to take care of his yorkie…He loves her very much and even 1 dollar helps.

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