Boxing Day Boxer Dogs Video Compilation 2016

Since it’s Boxing Day in the UK, here are are some funny boxing day boxer dogs. From boxers trying to eat a moth, boxer puppies loving the hair dryer, to boxer dogs going crazy over a feather, these are just a few boxer dogs you’ll find in this boxing day boxer dogs video compilation.

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Aaron Solano Rosales says:

i have a boxer and great dane breed, iy has all the energy of boxer and hes enormous too, my house is always a mess cause of him

Seven Crazy Girls says:

I love boxers ❤️

Jennifer Navarrethe says:


BoxerRex says:


Marelyn A. says:

animals are the best thing in the world!

Fluffyhowl24 AJ says:

i own a pure bred boxer. He is the runt and still looks like a puppy. Also if you tell him to give you kisses, he comes and licks your face. He is soooooooo cute.

Herpiderp Gaming! says:

0:06 what have you done to me? my butt feels weird!

Hugo JAM says:


Pathippy 56 says:

Boxers r GREAT!

Sarah Barton says:

Sounded like white boxer was singing in the car lol.

VJ CatGirl says:

I wish I could own every dog breed in the world

ark Werkz says:

I'm Froilan and i recently made a gofundme campaign for the abandon dogs here in Detroit I am hoping you could give me some of your precious time and read the campaign details and if possible share the link if possible it would really appreciate it and would help me a lot. Thank you !

Migraine says:

Merry late Christmas everyone! Happy for the month we have left of holidays <3

LadySoul says:

I've lost count of how many times I watched this. Those two @ 0:30 are tooo funny!

tunapaw says:

This made me rethink my views about Boxers, too cute

Cheryl Meredith says:


KingDaKai NY says:

Happy boxing day

Elizabeth Long says:

☼ ..hehe ;'''';

twitchster77 says:

/buys dog huge bag of weight loss food.
/gives dog the entire bag.
I don't think that's how it's suppose to be done lol.

Yazzy_Jazzy says:

I have a boxer mixed with a Jack Russell but he looks more like a boxer but short😍

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