Basic Dogs | Funny Dog Video Compilation 2017

From dogs wearing mermaid tails, dogs walking to the mall with their bestie, to dogs doing yoga with their owner, these are just a few of the basic dogs you’ll find in this basic dogs video compilation.

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Original Links:
Dogs Go to the Mall
Dog Wearing Sunglasses Rides Skateboard
Dog Does Yoga with Owner
French Bulldog Puppy in a Bowtie
Boxer Not a Fan of Boxers
Pomeranian Rings Bell
Corgi Butt in Tights
Puppy Gets Stuck in Hood
Dog Wears Mermaid Tail
Relaxed Dog Receives Pedicure
Dachshund Puppies Confused by Howling Noise
Dog Gets Face Massage
Dog Flaps Ears while Being Groomed
Dog Lounges in the Pool


Davit Lim says:

Omg they are so cute!

Novel - says:

I want an Pet Clothes video xD

Novel - says:

I want an Pet Clothes video xD

Laura Metheny says:

Hey guys. I usually love your vids. But that clip with the bulldog-long long one-with the hood stuck over his face? NOT funny. Sorry but they have a hard time breathing anyway because of humans messing and breedin them down to that. 5 seconds could have been cute. But that long ass clip meant that poor little guy was struggling to breathe all that time and you could hear it! He also almost fell off. The fucker that let the animal go on that long should get a taste of their own medicine for a bit. Just my take. Still like the vids. Some things need to be stood up for and dogs are one-all animals imho.😯🐾

Puppy Lover26 says:

Lol is that my dog, cause my name is Ariel

Shira Kitty Mateo Hamato says:

Mermaid dogs are real! 😂😂

Shira Kitty Mateo Hamato says:

2:52 he really loves that bell 😂😂😂

Millie van Rossem says:

mommy dog and her purse-puppy

Millie van Rossem says:

mermaid corgi are just the best 😍😍😍😍😍😍🐶

tobi FranYT 2218 Lopez ayk says:

wow aaaaaaaaa what cute

Asli Keles says:

voll süß und lustig


EW??? 1:20 you can literaly see the skid marks and discharge stains on the pants thats so fucking nasty.

rock rock says:

ending 😂😂

twitchster77 says:

I basically just want to hug them all!

Ema Diviš says:

cutest video ever

Justin Hong says:

2:08 looks like a white Chewbacca when its ears are down lol

Daniela len says:

is kawaii and funy 😀

The Cinema Pot says:

How do corgis have so much ass?

TheLoneWolfCz says:

None of this is from 2017…

The Youtubear says:

This is the best video on YouTube.

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