Funny Pitbull Compilation NEW

Here are some funny and cute dog videos, pitbull edition. Check out these pitbulls being all cute and cuddly.

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Yandere Kitteh says:

Look at those murderous dogs

curtis rains says:

run in fear there kiss is deadly lol i have two pits and the only thing they would do if some one broke into my house is hold them down by licking them to death. the cops would show up to arrest the soaking wet man that my dogs would cry about leaving lol

Aryadi Putra says:

stop training hard to pit bull ๐Ÿ™

101newgirl2 aj says:

wow i'm the first one to subscribe


only bad owners raise bad pit bulls

Angel Pacheco says:

When I was younger I wasn't allowed to spend the night at friends houses because our pitbull would howl all night for me. She follows me everywhere and was depressed when I went to college.

KeepYourGood Vibes says:

Hilarious at 1:30.

Monique Granados says:

1:00 me calling my mom cause I'm too lazy to get up.

Mooches6 says:

I had a pit bull once, her name was Baily. We adopted her not knowing her breed, when we took her to the vet we found out she was a pit bull mix. Our neighborhood didn't allow a pit bull so we had to give her up. The rep pits get are appalling.

Kenadi Waymire says:

We have a pitbull baby and he's the sweetest thing ever. Media is so unfair to these pretty babies!

Matthew Tulip says:

People train a Pitbull to hurt the pit dont train its self like a yellow lab can be just as "visious" like I have a Pitbull and yellow lab my lab is more visious my pit is afraid of her ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚

Cason Burke says:

pit Bulls are such great dogs

Tom Rogers says:

:D:D:D:D Love them!!

Johanna Duran says:

Pits are awesome.

Mya Plays MSP says:

I want my own pitbull ๐Ÿ˜˜๐Ÿถ

Alyna Rivera says:

I have a pitbulls she is so smart

Clorox Bleach says:

I fucking love pitbulls they are so cute and funny

shaylah Smith says:

I train and rescue Pitbulls 307 220 4226 I am in colorado

Fiona Hopkins says:

Pit bulls are so sweet.if my parents weren't allergic, I would bet them to get one.

Cole Byre says:

Pit Bulls are so funny and gentle. When they grow up they think they're still little puppies. I would love to have one. I had a Pug for nearly 12 years and she was a great dog. Pit Bulls seem like they take the clown nature of a Pug and mix it with athleticism and loyalty. Seem like really great dogs!

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