Husky dogs welcome soldier home from Afghanistan

dogs names: Damian (brown/white), Chaeli, pronounced ‘kay-lee’ (white)

Damian was very happy to see his favorite person!! We adopted Damian and Chaeli January 6 and February 12 of this year, respectively.


Słodko Gorzka says:

pozazdrościć takich psinek 🙂

Słodko Gorzka says:

super! 🙂 🙂  Pozdrawiam

gulfcoaster210 says:

Thank You for your service Sir….. I cant imagine being away from my family and my husky for that long

AL Siberians says:

Awesome video!

808HuskiesinTX says:

Thank you!!

Charlie Everton says:

aaahhhhh so awesome. love huskies. and thank you for your service.

taylor simmons says:

AWWWWW 🙂 this is sooo great!

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