Amazing Dog Tricks Video Compilation 2017

These dogs have got some serious talent.

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Titles/Original Links:
Dog Skateboards Like Human
Cattle Dog Fetches Owner a Beer
Jack Russell High Fives Owner’s Feet
Staffy Dog Does Dog Tricks
Dog Hold Pretzel in Mouth until Prompted by Owner
Dog Prays with Owner
Shar Pei Dog Does Tricks for Treats
Dog Balances 50 Jenga Treats On His Nose
Dog Does Impressive Tricks with Owner
Dog Hula Hoops
Samoyed Puppy Plays Dead for Owner
Deaf Dog Follows Commands
Dachshund Dog Bang Trick


REX-Mongrel says:

Where my dog? 🙁 :'(
XDDD Cool video ;*

CreepyMcSteezerson says:

Some of these are pretty insane, but i have a bunch of dog trick videos on my channel also – if anyone cares. He's cute, watch him. Or dont. Doesnt matter to me either way. They are not monetized.

Heidi says:

Cool trickery 👌

Debbie Mcclure says:

All of these r pretty gud!!! Tyfs, God bless you

Miss Remba says:

That last one was great.

Kurt mcKelvey says:

the dog praying at 2:09 was so cool !!! I've never seen a praying dog !!!!! 🐶🐕

Brooklyn Z says:

The Dachshund and Samoyed was my favorite

Noa says:

My cat can do some of these tricks too some aren't too hard and you can train your cat too! 🙂

Mariant Enriquez says:

vean el video de Llmsedr y denle Manta ariva 👍 👍 👍

Vixen Dada says:

I wonder if the dogs enjoy doing all those tricks. its sad to see them doing stuffs for human just for some treats.

Michael T says:

The majority of these dogs were border collies. Which goes to prove how intelligent this breed is!

Jessop says:

My dog is a little less advanced, only can do: sit, down, paw and come. Hahaha

Butters The Bean says:

They have skills!

Dave says:

WOW, good stuff 'Maynard'. :—)))))))))))))))))))))

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