Intelligent Akita Puppy Wow Smart dog

Aiko, our Akita stud dog learned this trick as a puppy, to keep the water from getting all over his face he has mastered the art of hydro-control. This video is the first time he discovered this. He places his paw in the water ramping the water to his level so that he can drink more conveniently.

Thats a smart dog. to Get your akita goto:



sobelow me says:

If mine is off the leash he runs away from me. Even when I took him to the dog park I was super excited and brought all of his favorite toys. Once I let him off the leash all he did was run the parameter and try to maul through the fence. Then when I tried to get him to play with his toys by shaking and throwing him he didn't even care, he just wanted the entire dog park to be his.

Amidat says:

why are people so surprised? dogs were wild animals before we domesticated them. they still hold their wild instincts. some breeds have more of those wild instincts and intelligence than others. dogs closer to their wild relatives tend to be smarter. toy dogs are a good example. many of them can't figure out anything unless the owner does it.

InfiniteTVXQ says:

I think white Akitas are so beautiful. I have a black and white Akita now and I'd love to have a Polar bear to go with my Panda bear, but I think I would torture the poor animal by constantly thinking it needed a bath.

My boy is a little more spoiled than yours…when I take him to the lake or the river he flat out refuses to drink any of it. He has to have bottled water.

OkinawaWild says:

My 3 year old… Extremely intelligent, but hard to teach her anything. She's learned everything from watching the older one.

TheAmericanIdiotwhoFalledouttheboyanddidn'tclosethedoorandischemicallyinromance says:

I have friends that say things like: "omg you have an Akita? It will kill you and it is not smart," and things like, " really? Try a collie or a lab, much nicer, and smarter than a sack of potatoes."
I swear I might kill them.

monalisaa says:

I'm excited to see my akita grow up almost looking like yours! Yay! Mines all white/ cream as well!

Sassy Sagittarius says:

such a beautifuldog

montaninio says:

our female gets next week 5 months old, the second day when she was here she jumps into the lake and stretches her hands waiting for me to get her out :D, my first dog 

buya shaka says:

I thought he catches a fish … my dog jumps into the water and comes with 2 fish out! … one is in his mouth and the other in his paws !! .. we callem sharky HAHA 😀

Giovy Abronzino says:

wow such smart doge
such intelligence
many tactics

burger guts says:

that is a stupid dog bud

catbearlol says:

wow such smart dog

cody fordham says:

A polar bear 😮 jk i have a akita thats just like that… They look so much like bears though 😀

Jean DeRock says:

my baby (akita inu gold male) hates water lol

Not As Clever says:

Ooh the old how to drink the water puzzle. Classic stumper

MZC33T33 says:

Beautiful akita…looks just like my Lyla ,,,

BROOKElovesWEED says:

Can your akita catch mice? 😮 Mine can and I find it super strange. She jumps in the grass and catches mice, like a fox!


Looks just like our "Kuma" who also likes the lake & swims!
Looks just like our "Kuma" who swims!

K. Azurin M. says:

I thought we were getting an Akita catching fish. Guess not.

goldmask1449 says:

Lol me too!

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