Puppy Emergency Response Drill! [Extended Vine Video]


karl Andersson says:

So ridicously dumb its genious!

龔之邑 says:

😂what can they do!!

ALEX's DOG says:

I love it!!!! 100000000000000000000000000000

Osmanthus says:

Oakley is the cutest nurse I've ever seen. 😚😚😚 I bet Dr. Crusoe can't resist flirting with his nurse from time to time.😆

Ruth Blagden says:

That was a close call ! If it wasn't for Crusoe & Oakley you just might have died a horrible agonizing death of starvation or thirst ! Who knows, you could have been laid out like that all winter and hypothermia would have set in, you know how bad our winters are in Canada !! I'm in Vancouver, so I can't complain, we really don't have a typical Canadian winter. Yep, those two boys saved you from certain death, I mean you were like what 4 or 5 feet from your back porch ? There's no coming back from that distance ! Nobody would have found you until Spring, lol. I love you boys, little heroes xoxo

Arrian Alcántara says:

Pues después aser un video de quemó ases los di fases pofador si

david gamer 100 says:

So cool were you get the close

Daniel Patrick says:

My gut literally has hurt from laughing at this. The  siren sound makes it.

Nicolas Rull says:


Multi-Multimedia says:


ladyyong1 says:

hehe sooo cuuute!

Duke Joxer Karoly says:

They can nurse me back to health any time!!!

Shelby L says:

That is so cute love it

CuteMuffin LPS says:

:] that is so CUTE

NunyaBusiness says:

Now THAT'S what I call puppy therapy! ^^

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