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Darra Richardson says:

Pugs are literally the most awesome dogs. Super loyal and sweet, get along with all other types of animals, cute as heck and so much personality!!!!!

Lance Calderon says:

Awesome video! I'll definitely sub.

Антония Антова says:

The puppy was smaller than the Great Dane's ear

Kaylynn Beach says:

Ha ha ha ha…. Like 🙂

Tania Moore says:

So Funny, I Love Animals. These Dogs Have A Special Talant. Even Though Im 5 Minutes In The Video It's Funny So Far. I Hope It Will Continue To Make Me Laugh, Keep Up The Good Work.

Skye Makena says:

It's So Funny!

Samuel Freman says:

haha funny dogs

Mikaela Lynn says:

This video wasn't necessarily funny but it was cute. 😄😄😄 Dogs are great!

Сашо Георгиев says:

OMG!!!! they are so cute!!

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