Basset Hound Dog kisses and Baby giggles – Dog Loves Baby Compilation

Basset Hound Dog kisses and Baby giggles – Dog Loves Baby Compilation
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Tell you a Story says:

This basset is sooo cute

Masked Martin says:

4:26 Baby says, "Yeah, I get the bitches"

Eric Kolvenbach says:

Basset Hounds love to play, snuggle and love people! I have had 4.;)

Emilie Smile says:

OMG j'y crois pas mes yeux tu va en suisse dans le canton du Valais; moi je suis suisse😋.J'aimerais trop vous rencontrer.

Carrie Ank says:

Dogs love attention. She's another source of it–and a great way to get extra food. Baby in house=fat Basset! And they are so sweet. Mine get the zoomies at least twice a day, and we let them have them. They're wonderful.

Scott Hnatowicz-Warner says:

Fantastic compilation!

Sugarshaz says:

My Basset is wonderful with my friends children, even when they sit on her, pull her ears (the youngest is 2) and play with her

Sewing for dolls says:

basset are the best with children. I had one as a toddler and grew up with her. Her name was cleo and she was the most gentle of dogs..and always ready to give a hug.

Nicki LovesDogs says:

2:40 OMG Gorgeous.

Andrea Ru says:

Just too cute and so funny, love these dogs!

Gmabbit says:

aw, the preview photo is my basset and daughter :3
pretty glad i uploaded that to wikipedia haha

Sekayi Phillips says:

my Basset Hound also loves kids

donnsald trump says:

You never have to worry about a basset. I don't care what anyone says. Breed matters.

T Hurst says:

Basset hounds and babies just belong together.

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