Watch service dog calm war vet’s PTSD reaction

Erick Scott knows first-hand what it’s like to suffer from PTSD. He was paired with a special service dog to help him combat his anxiety. He was amazed to see how his dog, Gumbo, reacted when he became agitated.

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Bobby Little says:

I don't get it😐

c bocage says:

Could have had a more subtle ending…

Miles o'lennon says:


Jaden Bass says:

dave donahue thank you for serving

bodus says:

we gotta drop female news reporters

Jonathan says:

Did you guys hear that? This sob beats his wife

pbodybrooks says:

I love the message but the production quality was absolute shit for a big company like USA Today. Audio is completely blown out and clipping, the added audible echo during a transition, and the terrible, terrible narration. Really curious what happened here lol. Cute little doggo though, glad they can help our vets.

Patrick Rodriguez says:

i can just see the suffering on the poor mans face… i feel sorry for him

Ever Diamond Bro says:

legalize marijuana

Alicia Mary says:

If your do is so well trained than why do you need a pinch collar?

Jairo Guzmani says:

Isn't the collar the dog is using illegal in some places.

Lil Jeffery says:

Niggas whom'st'ed' make memes > war vets with PTSD

SinSeared says:

this is why I'll forever be a dog dude. god what wonderful animals.

Madison Carreiro says:

They're good dogs, Brent.

Alex G says:

This is what you do to people by waging war for no good reason

Zach Jackson says:

Try some marijuana…

Yoda Man says:

cool story. but dont forget PTSD doesnt only affect soldiers.

Adam Greene says:

thats great i am so happy for him

zMrToothlesS says:

This is why I spent so much gold in world of tanks on that donation pack almost $50 donated πŸ€—

Simon Li says:

do they get to keep the dog?

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