The Pine Marten is Nature’s Most Adorable Assassin!


Coyote Peterson claims the ability to climb trees like a cat, but is he nimble enough to follow a lightning quick Pine Marten all the way to the top? Without a doubt it’s going to be a tricky climb up but really it’s the getting down that’s going to be the challenge! Check out this episode and see one of nature’s most adorable assassin’s in it’s natural environment – the Pine Marten in the high canopy’s of Montana!

Breaking Trail leaves the map behind and follows adventurer and animal enthusiast Coyote Peterson and his crew as they explore a variety of wildlife in the most amazing environments throughout North America! 

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Scarlet Rose says:

My favourite Has to be the ferret, but I have always been partial to the ermine as well ☺️

Gabby Pitzer says:

I love animals ❤️

JASON b says:

ive seen a white pine martin in northern michigan duck hunting on the millicoquins river

Yoggy Arts says:

I had a ferred, but she's gone now ;_; I miss her so much. They're adorable slinkys too.

GirlyleaporedMC 123 says:

pine martin is my favorite

deadpoolrp says:

Sadly, skunks are no longer considered part of the weasel family. 🙁

Freddy Shade says:

mine is a ferret

rafael solorzano says:

She is so cute. I like this species and the otter…

Dark Wolf says:

Take pup pierce it with you and hang out with a raccoon

nathan eurico says:

the short tail weasel

Sooraj S Cousik says:

my favourites are mostly pine martens and otters

Aaron Vlogs says:

I love the wolverines and honey badgers

firefox 808 says:

my favorite is the mink

Shaneil Hillier says:

Pine martins and some other type of weasel (I don't remember the name) I've seen a few times in my hometown, there's quite a few

KeyKeyPlayz Roblox And More says:


Prince Spike Son Of Nerin, Queen of Wizendom says:

The Pine marten is my favrit

fluffy unicorns 29 says:

That pine marten is as aggressive as my grandads dog #bordierterriermaggie

Brittani Strong says:

i like all of the wesil famliy

Liam Armstrong says:

fisher or otter

Gwen Paldus says:

PINE MARTEN they are so cute

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