Bizarre Creatures of Texas!

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In this segment of On Location, Coyote and the crew are on the search for as many bizarre creatures as they can find in the great state of Texas!

Texas has wide range of habitats including deserts, plains and forests but on this night the Brave Wilderness team will set off near the swamplands of Southeast Texas which is home to giant Alligators, Feral Hogs and plenty of venomous Snakes!

So what bizarre creatures will the crew encounter this time?

Get ready to find out!

HUGE THANKS to Dr. Jimmy Smith and Wyatt Smith for hosting the crew at The Retreat at Artesian Lakes – please visit their website to book a relaxing vacation in South Texas

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icecoldbongwater says:

The frogs get bigger than that here in Texas bubba

dioseline honorato says:

you know what they say "everything's bigger in texas"

sam wohabe says:

me and two friends once got swarmed by wasps who chased us out of my friends yard and into his house

Alustarg says:

este tipo es un loco pero genial jajaja 👍

Aphid H. says:

Me and my mom got really close to a juvenile gar in the shallows of the lake at daytime

I expected it to be more aggressive when I saw it that day so you can guess what I did.

Lana Hare says:

my brother zaca once cot a frog eggzacly like that

Cool Gamer says:

11:55 I couldn't hear what did he said

Fnaffollower3564 Xx says:

'It almost looks like ribbon candy!' I don't think I'd like to eat that!

Bossatron 3000 says:

I just saw gecko

Bossatron 3000 says:

I live there

Lego Dude says:

if you find a Snake can u give me it

Rowan Purifoy says:

I live near Cleveland and I see the stuff all the time😂

Gabby Dennis says:

I would love to have geckos in my house instead of bugs

Tacitus Strategies says:

do MORE adventures that involve different animals!

Bryan Mitchum says:

that bull frog though

Bryan Mitchum says:

I love reptiles!

TinyTortoise says:

Pause it at 7:33 exactly and look at his face heh

Typical lover says:

1:27 gets bit by gecho

gecho: ayyy

Dylan Ross says:

I saw a frog two times the size of that one in my pool.

Ezekiel Prado says:

hey, coyote I always go out and grab any kind of sorts of reptiles the common one I get are the green anole lizards they're fun to catch and they bite alot of times I love em

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