10 Ways To Survive Christmas With Cats!

Cats VS Christmas Trees … The annual battle is upon us, here’s 10 ways for cat owners to conquer! 🙂

Meowy Catmess!

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Ernabil Store says:

cole anf marmalade u have diamond playbutton?! 😲 THATS PAWSOME!

Akshita Mishra says:

I don't think a cat will be happy​ n safe in my small apartment.. sigh

OrionPax09 says:

I don't suppose just putting a baby fence around the tree occurred to anyone?

Ryuuko Matoi says:

who came here from Google assistance?

fire2xdxd says:

my cousin's cat climbed inside the tree…

Amethyst 18 says:

I like the box one that paper on it is really nice!

Gohan_̶Gamer says:

Viva google assistant!

Michael King says:

A shotgun blast works well.

Kyle Silvey says:

Occupancy Sensor between an electrical outlet and a vacuum machine near the tree.

Five Roses says:

How about making cats be Christmas trees ?


step one kitties go on holiday for christmas to the kitchen

Whyda ask says:

Hi! When are you going to upload more videos?

karen bruce says:

my cat promised too never chue the tree again

kellie bassett says:

I have had 2 stop using tinsel at christmas because 1 of my cats would have tinsel poo & I also had 2 cut plug off lights what was on my christmas tree because they would chew that & I didn't want them 2 get an electric shock!

Paintball SKILLZ says:

Why am I watching this I don't even have a cat xD

Mr. BunnyWabbit says:

2:15 when the catnip kicks in…

blindcat Donovan says:

XD hahahaha, this was pawesome! My ginger Giuliano is curious and agile so I thought he'd climb up the x-mas tree or do some fun stuff but nothing. He wasn't interested much in the tree. But then Donovan… he's blind so I thought he can't have the fun with the trees other cats do. But I was wrong. He loved to nap under the tree and play with the x-mas balls, so cute And then he even climbed a bit on the tree. I was so happy when he did that 😀

Will Wilkerson says:

give the cats to the Orientals,you get a hassle free Xmas,they get a tasty stir fry..

Aly G says:

SOOOO funny. Cat paradise!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :-)))))))) Thank you so much!!!

Charlie Wells says:

get rid of the cat

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