Funny Guilty Dogs Compilation 2016 [NEW]

Funny dogs and their guilty reactions after being confronted for doing something wrong. In the end, you just can’t resist their cute faces, and you’ll forgive them all.

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BoxerRex says:


Hug -A- Bull says:

OMG That first cute face! Looks like a pit/boxer mix. What a precious girl!!! I wanna kiss the top of her head!

Ulver27 says:

More funny is the reaction of the tree huggers at the comments below.

You know there are many humans who would gladly exchange their lives with that of the dog's so cut the crap.

Poor dogs my ass..

Arthur Bradley says:

They said, yea we did it. So what.

Arthur Bradley says:

Brady had a good time!

Arthur Bradley says:

Harley did it. Confess. Plead mercy.

Jimmy Early says:

I bet 90% of these people are sexually active with their dogs…ewww #caucasianchronicles

Jenna Herkert says:

My favorites were 2:17 and 2:27!!


The Owners Are Crossed And Angry

Karen Nicola says:

4:42 … was like i still left you some

Melanie Leon says:


lasse skarpengland says:

A dog feels guilty when you raise your voice like that. It's an instinct, and it's to get sympathy. They have experienced that the situation goes over without them dying, if they lower their ears, put their head down and seem vulnerable. If pooping on a carpet also did the trick, they would poop everytime their owner raised his or her voice,

RealTalk says:

oh wow the dog at 2:30 pooed alot! seems like the owner didn't go out with him for at least 24 hours O.o

RealTalk says:

what should be done to show the dog that this wasn't good so he won't do it again?

SteveDGamer says:

You know a dog is guilty when he/she puts their head down.

TheOnlyKateslate says:

Maybe if people had more respect for a dog's need to be a dog….they need novel experiences every day, not boredom, they need lots of exercise. They are not adult humans! They do NOT need to be tortured with guilt for doing normal dog stuff.

VinBader says:

u shouldn't put new in the title because eventually it wont be new

vally888 says:

the puppy at 2:54 is so sad to look at. and why the fuck is he on a chain in the house?????? Poor guy. He was giving ALL the calming signals possible but of course humans get dogs without knowing anything about them.

Scott DeSimone says:

dogs don't know guilt, they are responding to their owners tone, some look like they are going to get hit. not a funny video or cute.


Cheeky buggers the lot of em

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