Dog Tricks : Backing Up Dog Trick

Want to teach your dog back up? Learn how with expert tips on dog tricks in this free pet care and obedience video.

Expert: Kim Amatucci
Bio: Kim Amatucci is a practicing Pet Dog Trainer and Behavior Consultant. She has been training since 2002 and been working with her own pets for the past 13 years.
Filmmaker: Travis Waack


Madeline Neyenhaus says:

Thank you! I love your technique

enzo adams says:

01:09 look at DAT asssss

SuperJustdesserts says:

i'm having trouble teaching this to my puggle pup. his tendency is to always sit and look up to me. whenever he's standing and i try to get him to back up, he'll take one step back then plop down & sit. by then it's halfway late for me because I've already either clicked or said yes (from the first back up step he took). any suggestions to get him to keep backing up instead of plopping would be appreciated, thanks!

Kennedy Laubach says:

My dog just sits down

Katekitkat9 says:

My dog thinks up up up….

Katekitkat9 says:

I try to teach my dog these tricks but he keeps confusing them with other tricks!!! Any tips?

MyYouLikeMe says:

my dog just sits down when she sees the treat

yuricaptinprice says:

My puppy can already do zat

vish al says:

thumbs up if you think she is so hot

no says:

Nope, me too 😀

Farouk Qosay says:

nice training

Mdahaka says:

I was looking for the Backing up song lol

kikiveto123 says:

i can say that was SUPER HELPFUL!

KlaudiaAntonina says:

is it all the videos you made about training our dog??? i just love them soo much!

Kara Nguyen says:

My friend has a small dog and itll just trun around and walk forward

codenameGIZM0 says:

lmao i don't even own a dog and i'm watching these videos.

fdyjt says:

@Kuddebrunzer lol ok il try and see

der247 says:

Everytime when I try this trick with my dog he spin around when I ask him to back up

fdyjt says:

i dont like to do tricks with candy's for the dog if you do that everyday he will be fat

Dolgan Westie says:

isn't so easy, but i go tried

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