Jealous Dog Want Attention Compilation NEW

We all know our pets have feelings, and our dogs sometimes exhibit signs of jealousy. But are they really jealous?

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The Hound says:

One day, I woke up early morning feeling tired went to take a bath then make breakfast. While I was making breakfast I forgot to wear clothes. My dog toke this opportunity to rape me, and he did. His massive curved 12 inch penis went deep in my asshole and it still pains till this day. The semen he ejaculated went so deep it never came out. Every morning I wake up I find my dog staring eagerly at me with his massive boner waiting for me to get up. After I get up, he immediately jumps onto me and inserts his massive dick into my asshole piercing my pajamas. Every night I stare at my ceiling crying cuz I don't want to wake up next morning and get raped again. Please someone give me advice, this dog is a molester ;((((((

Prodigy Russell says:

uh oh I'm on the cute side of YouTube again.

Ailine Jejemon says:

I wish I have my own dog bcz I like dog very much

Prismic Kyubey says:

Wait, is that JonTron at 1:40?!

( ⚆ ͜ʖ ⚆) STOP

Carol Zhang says:

And my dog getting jealous by the second while I'm watching this video lol

English Cloud says:

Dogs are basically just toddlers in fur suits.

Death by Fun says:

I'll subscribe if you subscribe

Nuno Soares says:

1 word. Adorable!

Luna042682 says:

our dog dislikes hugging, kissing and dancing

stevo says:

I love Doggies! It`s sad that they cannot live longer.

MrY3110w says:

these dogs are so ugly, no wonder they're always jealous

Lisa Velez says:

Beautiful and cute animals. Yet even tho it "Seems" funny, it is not a good idea to make another dog jealous on purpose. My husband (RIP) and our labrador (RIP) – who (the dog) was Very affection jealous, she attacked our pekingese and almost snapped her juggular vein in her neck. And we didn't even do it on purpose. So Please be careful

reference2me says:

can't hide their feelings ….

Tai WooDz says:

This Chanel is for people with no dogs Others with already dogs at home go away

Nimali Munasinghe says:

I want a golden retriever soo badly

Sinitsu says:

If it takes forever, I will wait for you, for a thousand summers I will wait for you.

Savannah says:

I love how a lot of the dogs are boxers. mine is just like that, wanting all the attention 😂💜

Führer des Benutzers says:

3:48 His/Her expression says "Pet me before I lose my goddamn patience"

princess flutterpie3000 says:

the first and second dogs were hilarious

Fhantom God says:

i wish i had a dog

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