10 Funniest Bulldog Videos



Calm The Fuck Down by Broke For Free


Cinnamon roll says:

Hehe the dog on the trampoline is soooo cute 😂😂

L. LaFlamboy says:

So funny 😂

Jennifer Clevenger says:

Everyone says they want a bulldog until they have to clean out their wrinkles

Tickling Toddlers says:

nice video,we really like it.

Top 10 Awesome says:

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tomitstube says:

he's got a thing for small boxes, don't judge.

Yvette Garcia says:

Harley zuniga

Эллис Эллис says:

На 0:55 – ха-ха-ха, просто копия моя мама! И на 03:48!

AL B says:

How sweet are the little puppies. 💗💗💗💗💗😅

AL B says:

The sleeping guy is so cute.

AL B says:

Don't like the woman pushing the puppy off the that couch.

Tae. says:

I have a bulldog and I can't stop laughing because she does all of these things.

Nedbella says:

It's sad to know that this breed of dog ( along with other dogs with short noses ) has been purposely bred over many years to shorten it's nose. People think the panting they do is just what they do, but they are trying to breath. Breathing isn't an easy thing for them to do. Vets are operating on them a lot to help with their breathing, costing the owners thousands. Breeders should try and fix the breeding to lengthen their noses to what they naturally were. Yet again, humans fucking with nature.

Hamzah Norris says:

me when I take a nap : )

Jokeslayer94 says:

Once, I had a job waiting tables on the deck at a bar in a town with a lot of dogs. I started bringing out free cups of water to dogs, because I love animals. Then one day, one of the customers had a bulldog. I brought him a cup of water….and he literally COULDNT drink it without knocking the cup over and spilling it everywhere. His owner and I couldn't stop laughing. In the end I had to rip the top off of a to go box, and fill that instead…The kicker? the dog's name: BUTCH

Wewt Wewt says:

Domesticated monstrosities.

Ginger Van Dixon says:

LOL SO FUNNY!! PEOPLE WHO THUMBED DOWN ARE CRAZY!!!! PS i am using my moms account BTW

Harry Abbate says:

All the puppy's are so Cute

myname is says:

bulldogs are bestestestttttttt 😮

Len Danley says:

If you don't get these bloody flip flops off my bloody feet….

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