Smartest Dog You’ve Ever Seen – Amazing Australian shepherd – Border Collie MIX

This Amazing Dog Paints, Irish Dances and Does Household Chores.
The world is no stranger to the smarts of breeds like the border collie and Australian shepherd, but Secret is a mix of both — and her talents extend well beyond the realm of the average herder! She paints! She dances! She does yoga and — this one’s really impressive — household chores! Thusly, Secret has become a bit of an Instagram sensation. More than 76,000 followers peek in on what she and owner, Mary, are up to on a regular basis.

When you think of dog tricks, you probably imagine commands like Sit, Stay or Roll Over.

But one dog owner, a student named Mary, has taught her brilliant pup how to dance, paint, do yoga and help out around the house. Mary and her talented Border-Aussie mix, Secret, have become celebrities on Instagram, with more than 45,000 followers so far.

Scroll down to watch some of Secret’s most unbelievable tricks, and check out Mary’s Instagram page, @my_aussie_gal, to follow Secret’s latest adventures!

1. Secret shows off her drumming skills:

2. Secret also does yoga, and she is, of course, a pro at the downward dog pose:

3. She has also mastered tricky balancing yoga postures:

4. Secret helps hold the dustpan as her owner sweeps:

5. Secret has also mastered trust falls:

6. She also loves sledding, and even pulls her own sled to the top of the hill:

7. Need some vacuuming done? Secret can help:

8. And when she’s not doing chores, Secret enjoys playing doggie ping-pong:

9. She also likes riding her scooter:

10. Amazingly, she’s learned to do coordinated Irish dancing steps with her owner:

11. When you’ve spilled something in the kitchen, Secret is on it:

12. To top it all off, Secret is a gifted artist. Here, she proudly holds up one of her paintings:



S-J B says:

Hi there, I am getting in touch from a UK TV production company. How would be best to contact you regarding this clip? Thanks

Hilary Windridge says:

wow ,love it

Samual Whittemore says:

…not as smart as my border collie /Black Lab pure mix. My dog knows how to solve complex math problems in his head. He does it every time I throw a ball for him to catch.

Lps Friends 101 says:

WOW OMD( oh my dog) that is the smartest dog I've ever seen!!! Deserves more views

Isaac Harry Guan says:

To bad its gonna eventually die 🙁

Conor Buckley says:

but did you see how bad that dog is at ping pong? no back hand at all

mushafasa says:

Makes me miss my collie…

Margaret Wilmerding says:

There's no border in that dog. It's a pure aussie.

Aria says:

oh my ….😯

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