Smart Dog – Blue Heeler Rose Picks up all her toys and puts them away.

I use clicker training with Rose the Blue Heeler to teach her more than a dozen different objects. She gathers a few by name and puts them in a box. This is a game we play when she’s bored.


Crystal Vargas says:

My heeler is 11 weeks old she sits lays down. But is so stubborn. Any advice?

Crystal Vargas says:

My heeler is 11 weeks old she sits lays down. But is so stubborn. Any advice?

Mav F says:

Bloody Clickers!! The bullshit Yankee tool for dog training for the rest of their lives. Poor dogs. Oh then there is typically American – they are always putting scarves around their dogs necks.

Arrow The GoPro Dog says:

We are smart and will do almost anything for treats

robert cornish says:

There are stumpy tail cattle dogs, that are born with short tails.

Colin Shea says:

0:22 my puppy has the same toy(the pink ball)

ffic4life says:

I just got a blue heeler from a shelter yesterday, and I am just absolutely in love with him. He's sweet and perfect and everything I was looking for in a dog! We named him Xavier and I can't wait to get started on teaching him tricks like these 🙂

PappyDC1 says:

Amazing dog!  You are a very good trainer!

Scarecrowe1066 says:

These dogs are so amazing I can't wait to get my Blue Heeler yours is beautiful btw

lauridancer1 says:

awsome….loved this…great beautiful dog….sooo smart…have a blue heeler who does agility and lots of tricks…

hotstixx says:

One day she`ll turn the tables.

Mayra Morales says:

Australian cattle dogs are so smart!!! I love mine !

Oliver Ramos says:

why you cut it tail?

Carlos Rivera says:

That's awesome! Is clicker training them like that hard??

DonMagnata says:

and dog tail? acd dont cut tail 

Savannah Guthrie says:

The intelligence is strong in this one.

Ryu Hayabusa says:

Amazing animal, loved it.

Pat Ferguson says:

She is such a gorgeous girl.  Mine is named Rosie! These dogs are wonderful, in all respects.  I live in Australia where they come from, and know them well.  NOTE: for anyone thinking of getting one, know that these dogs need lots of stimulation [exercise/games/tasks etc., and love and praise.   [NOT a lap-dog, NOR an apartment or small yard dog, unless you are prepared to put in lots of time to keep him/her active, and outdoor fun.  [Otherwise he might bite you in the arse [ass] because too bored]. hahaha.  Obviously, excellent  farm dogs but what many people don't realize, is they also need some praise and love. Often left outside in all weather and sometimes abused. BUT the dogs who are loved and are part of the family [most often sleeping in the house],  have proven to be the best and most loyal farm dogs.  They work for THEIR family!!!!   Sorry for raving on, but me and my farming family have always had them.  So be nice to them or they JUST might bite you in the ass!!!!  ♥♥♥ Pat

P Matheson says:

Smart dog, not to mention beautiful!

CYNTHIA L. Herrera says:

That's cool!!

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