Dog Training: How Smart Is My Dog? Testing His English And How Many Words He Knows!

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Some people say that you are crazy if you talk to your dog and that dogs can’t understand what you are saying.


Dogs are very smart and often pick up on words that we don’t even realize they do.

Bottom line is this, yes dogs can understand english and can understand what you say.

In this video I test how smart my dog is by asking him to find his toys by name.

I have never taught him the names of his toys on purpose or formally tried to train him to do anything in the video.

This is just a fun test to see how well he listens and how many words he has picked up on.

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BrightDog Academy Dog Training says:

Get the official 231 page BrightDog Academy Ebook Here:

Laura Harrington says:

Has max ever bitten you? Or anyone

JJ G says:

good job buddy, train your dog to play with his toys around your crotch

mihailomldnvc says:

10 years later max decided to lend an ear to the lower member of the pack cause the construction is more important than him….what happens when he takes him to the park and gets him off leash? i guess hes that persons that chases his dog for hours through the park to get him on the leash

Sarahlizzie says:

He's sooo adorable ! Your videos have been so helpful . I've been binge watching all morning lol

I like animals More than people says:

That's like my dog too. for her tennis balls I say where's your ball. then her squeaky toys I say where's the squeaky, go get your squeaky. and she will go find em. and when I'm on the way home from college or shopping etc my mother will say to the dogs "where's rachel" and the dogs will go crazy looking for me and they will dive out the door onto the field looking for me 🙂

Chuy_that_kid 2064 says:

Why would anyone dislike this video??

snellavision says:

5:13 Not that bone! LOL

snellavision says:

4:55 Not sure I'd be as comfortable with a jaw capable of exerting 300 pounds of pressure playing with a chew toy that close to my crotch!

Flam wulf says:

he so smart that its amazing

Itz Leo says:

Hey,we have a Rottweiler and his bite is pretty strong and alot of toys cant handle the force.
Are there any extra strong toys?

lol McLol says:

y is max's tail docd? I'm not saying ur a bad owner btw I'm just asking

Muzzardonmyfeet says:

Does your dog bark when people knock at the door and stuff?

Eddie Morrison says:

I can tell your dogs smarter than most people I know lol jk he is smart tho ….hes just stubborn lol….. you have a nice dog 😗

Darren gomez says:

Hey man keep up the good work and nice dog

Chris Banez says:

5:14 ahhhh! I'm jealous =D hahaha!!!

Jedi In Spandex says:

Hey, my dog doesn't know how to distinguish different words. I don't think he listens to me much more than he likes to see my hands. He's a 1.5yr old Golden Retriever. And I still have to give him the hand gestures I used to give him while training. Any help?

the1lique says:

What a smart and beautiful animal

First Name says:

Why does he ignore you?

WonderlandMiracles says:

I just started watching your videos and taking a note on them. i really want to get a dog in a year or so. problem is i dont know what dog is a good first dog, or does it matter if you have exact plans how to train the puppy?

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