Funny dog music video featuring The Entertainer by Scott Joplin

We love watching funny dog music videos, so we started making some videos featuring our own Buddy the dog. This is our first one.

We figured it’s time youtube dogs started getting the respect that youtube cats get.

When we were thinking of dog names, Buddy seemed to be the most fitting. He can get away with having such a generic name, since he’s such a unique dog breed. We think he’s part terrier and part border collie, but we’re not really sure.

This music video features our cute dog walking to The Entertainer by Scott Joplin, along with footage of our dog running through leaves while we’re doing a little dog walking. Of course, no walk would be complete without a dog peeing on something, right?

He doesn’t have a fancy dog walking harness or anything; he doesn’t even have the best dog leash. He’s too busy being a happy dog to mind. Walking the dog is something that makes Buddy’s day.

Keep checking back for more free funny dog videos and funny dog video clips featuring our terrier, Buddy the Dog, more funny dog music videos and maybe some montages of really cute dog pictures. Who knows? He may just be the next dog with a blog. We have plenty of free funny dog pictures to keep him busy posting for ages.

Maybe in a few videos from now, he’ll have a new dog harness or at the very least a new dog leash to show off. Plan to see a lot more of Buddy starring in more funny dog music videos during the rest of 2013 and 2014. Or you can browse through our channel right now and see another music video that doesn’t have Buddy in it.


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