Dogs Ruin Christmas: Cute Dog Maymo & Puppy Penny

Dogs Ruin Christmas: Cute Dog Maymo & Puppy Penny
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Cute dog Maymo makes for the cutest reindeer and cute puppy Penny makes the cutest santa ever to ruin Christmas. Watch these dogs rip open presents, steal stockings, destroy a snowman, and knock over a Christmas tree before blowing up the evidence.


lps Alessia Maria says:

i love pets

Amanda Albuquerque says:


Amanda Albuquerque says:


P00ja Sharma says:

i love both little sweet boys😙😚🐕🐕

Maria's Village says:

omg i love your dogs and your channel its funny and lovely

Windkisssed says:

That was adorable!!!! I can't believe there are ANY thumbs-down…. scrooges!!!

FULL TV says:


Kevin Cooper says:

I live for these adorable dogs

Ellie R from the Bronx says:

Bad doggies!
(But funny video!)

billcrusher4 says:

Why is the explosion only visible from the center window?

Chara Dreemurr says:

Lol the half decorated tree

Tia the chihuahua Lover yap says:

Lol look at sleepy Santa at 0:34

zoomm Nfgxgxgzh says:

br aeeeeeeeee

Funduck 10 says:

lol fav part house exploded!

wolfyoume productions says:

the dogs look so cute in the holiday outfits! LIKE.

Ana Leticia Morais says:

juub. novembro dkosl


The Dead Gamer says:

Maymo is with the blue collar and Penny is with the pink collar

MsDreamer22222 says:

These videos are great
…love these dogs.. so well trained..

Jeremy Pence Nicholson says:

did maymo die in that movie

_ says:

+maymo Santa/Maymo is coming lalallalalala jingle bells jingle bells jingle all the way ow what fun it is to ride in a one horse open sleigh and everyone can't wait  for Maymo and Penny to blow up ther houssseeee… 😀 lol

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