Cookie Snatch- Dog Trick

This is Bella. She is 15 months old at the time of this video. She has learned how to do the “Cookie Snatch Trick” She has been clicker trained since she was 8 weeks old.


Mylqin says:

Wow! Bella, she grows up so fast! What is this, 15 months old already? Wow! That's some trained dog!

Odbarc says:

Runs away with it. Typical dog, lol

Rasetsu Bass says:

yeah!!! good girl! woooooottttt!!!! gotta love dogs! I LOVE DOGS!

LifeHacks4All says:

That dog has alot of patience. Lol

Jen Peters says:

what a wonderful dog! I love labs…i have a yellow & chocolate.

Rolando Lopez says:

This is awesome!

livinginavideo says:

lol aww. I can't believe she waited that long, or that you made her wait that long!

fiela padilla says:

Aww!! that's awesome!

Abigail Cueto says:

This is a very well trained pup! I wish my lab was this obedient…. lol

Lenny B says:

if you think so, try to do it yourself!

nikkishawn05 says:

Bella looks WONDERFUL, my black lab is 13 months old and she ain't near as big as some of the other labs I have seen, nor is she as big as my other lab. Bella looks great. Very well trained, thats just awesome.

x42 says:

How did you train her to do that? That's pretty cool! Beautiful dog by the way!

kimmerkiwi says:

She does not look too skinny! Not all labs are fat barrels!

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