Extremely Talented Dog Learns Irish Step Dancing

This dog is a better dancer than you.

Video by: Maggie McCarthy

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Amiyah Clstkson says:

what I meant to say was Amiyah

Amiyah Clstkson says:

just say my first name Amayah

Amiyah Clstkson says:

I want a dog so bad too I had one but the sad thing is we had to take them to the dog control and care because our landlord said we couldn't have one oh and big your mom for a dog and if she says no big and beg and beg and beg day and night cuz I want you to have a dog like I wants did PS I miss you I miss you Timmy my dog's name was Timmy.c but just call him Timmy😥😥😥😥😥😥 I miss you so much Timmy I wish you could come home but you're gone now😥😥😥😥😥😥😫😫😫😫 I can't hold back these tears anymore Timmy was my favorite dog in the whole wide world but he's gone now and he's never coming home I miss you so much to me only if we could spend more time together😥😥😥😥 but just realize if you're happy I'm happy two

Glorious E says:

He dances the Irish gig better then I do🤔👌what's up with that 💖🌷😻🐶🐾🌺

LENEY oro says:

I want a dog sooooo bad 😟

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