Dancing Dog – Attila & Fly – Gladiator

Attila’s website is www.dogdance.net
Attila is an animal therapist. Fly was at fist a somewhat aggressive dog, but Szkukalek turned her into a Dreamteam partner!


yasojith2012 says:

Most patient audience I ever saw. They were waiting until to the end to applause.

Paws On says:

Very cool routine, but very odd!

Vikova says:

omg so good! 😀

Carilee Moran says:

No matter how many time I watch this, I am still moved by the trust and teamwork, the difficulty, the fluidity. Other people's versions show some nice technical work but lack the raw emotion that this evokes. . THIS is freestyle.

sanadamaru1614 says:


Kinsey Holley says:


aceofspadesmamute says:

Man you are great!!

LunatheMutt says:

Omg this is hilarious! Best freestyle EVER

black4pienus says:

it's so cute when she bows…. (or he)

katsu mackinncheez says:

I wanted to see the dog run around with the sword that would have been funny, but it was cute ^_^

Bianca Schossig-Muth says:

its verry great we will learn this

shahou88 says:

Best video I've ever seen 🙂
what a wonderful team
you and your dog are the best

rabidlizzy says:

As an animal behaviorist (in training) I love to see animals at their happiest.

This owner his challenging his dogs intelligence with these routines as any good owner would- and they get to form a true bond of love and trust with each other from it.

This dog is happy, beautiful, and intelligent. Best video I've seen 🙂

lolSmileBig says:

border collies r so smart!! cute video!

simona pate says:

priden kuža in lepa predstava

well done!!

Sere Ogunsanya says:

attila and fly are the best dog dancing duo ever

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