Boogie Shoes Canine Freestyle Routine!

Thanks For Watching!!


Hanna Cassel says:

so lovely 😄 he has so much fun as well!

Ray Harkins says:

smartest dog ever. dog has that girl trained…

papiripapuru says:

and there are still people who like cats they make the human race weaker

Les aventures de Jaïka says:


Виталий Шок says:

Я бы тоже крутился между ее ног…

Dallon Carter says:

geez I can barely get my dog to sit when I say.

Robert Post says:

That's so great. A pole-dancing dog! Border Collies are amazing. The dog can dance better than I ever could.

Krislyn Rodriguez says:

so cooooooooooooooooooool 😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀

Wooster001 says:

You can tell the dog actually enjoys this.

Social Marley says:

It was amazing guys! Good job! ♥

matteo trenti says:



I want to train my new puppy to do that!!! could you make a video on how you taught your dog those AWESOME tricks

Beth L says:

so much talent here!!  the music is perfect!

instantwagner says:

You're Beautiful

Richard M says:

Reminds me of Kate and Gin from BGT 2008 🙂

chocula187 says:

what monsters could dislike this? you might as well dislike sunshine.

TrickdogsCecco&Cira says:

Amazing ! 😀😍

Alex Staal says:

Who is the pretty girl btw? 😉

Vendrix says:

she's hot

craftymagnets says:

Bravo, totally "awesome".

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