Dog doing 7 different Tricks – A Smart Dog playing dead

Here’s a video of me testing out a new camera while I tell my dog to do trick. my dog does several different tricks in this video. My dog can sit, stand up, lay down, play dead, rollover, shake, and spin.

Dog playing dead. Dog doing tricks. Dog spinning circle. Dog shakes hand. German Shepherd Mix doing dog tricks
German Shepherd Mix Plays Dead


Stallion Ducky says:

Omg adorable dog what kind is it?

Dennis Emery says:

smart dog how long you been training him

MrJusticex1 says:

it's a bull terrior/rottweiler cross

Brad Longbottom says:

part rotii and a gemensheperd

Entity 4891 says:

Came here from your video on the eclipse. That's one beautiful dog! Way to go 😀

musicalala says:

you trained him so well.nice dog and good job lucky.

UnderCoverKnight says:

what memory card you are using? I just bought mine and I need a good quality card.

ron cash says:

love it !!!!!!!! 🙂

TylertheGeek28 says:

Good quality, haha cool dog to

TylertheGeek28 says:

@uhoger it shoots 1080p @ 24FPS

CarlyUTube says:

I can tell you love your dog and he loves you.

GrnXnham says:

That's a rottweiler head attached to a body of something else!

uhoger says:

how did u get 1080p?

UnderCoverKnight says:

lmao, love your dog. Came across this video from your review on bestbuy. Thank you for your input Ive been looking around for a decent camera and this might be it.

Fabian Luna says:

You trained him well. Nice.

pacfolly says:

Thanks for your video, as I had been wanting to see sample footage from this camera. That is a really cool dog, and that looks like an awesome camera!

MrDisneyfanman says:

Good Dogggggggggggy!
Thats cool thanx!

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