10 Amazing Animals That Saved Humans

Unbelievable and heroic animals that actually saved people’s lives from a cat saving a little boy to a stray dog finding a new born baby

6. Lucca the Marine
Everyone meet Luca! While your dog is out there barking and not even playing fetch, this dog is saving lives and being given medals! She manages to sniff out explosives and protected thousands of troops while risking his own life! She was even honored with a prize for animals that serve bravely in military conflict, known as the Dickin Medal. It’s almost like the dog version of the medal of honor. We’re sure she’d probably rather have some bacon but this will do for now. She posed for this photo with Gunnery sergeant Christopher Willingham after receiving the honors, in April 2016. The dog lost her leg in Afghanistan when an IED exploded. Despite her injuries, she’s completed over 400 missions for the US Marines during her service in Iraq and Afghanistan, protecting hundreds of lives.

5. Stray Dog Saves Baby
Some incredible photos surfaced the web of a stray dog saving the life of a baby that actually still had its umbilical cord attached. A man was riding his bicycle when he noticed something unusual hanging from a dogs mouth. As he came closer to the dog, he noticed it was unwilling to hand over the baby to him. He immediately called 911 and the child miraculously survived. It seems as if the mother wasn’t ready to have a child and abandoned it in the trash can, which the dog went rummaging through. More information about who could have done this to their kid, is under investigation and will certainly face some charges. Luckily, this dog came to the rescue and clearly saved a life!

4. Hero Cat
Normally cats get a reputation of being lazy and haven’t really been known to save humans… Until now! In Bakersfield, California, a 6 year old boy with autism was playing outside his house, when out of nowhere a vicious dog attacks him! These images were captured by someone’s home security camera. As soon as the dog decides to bite the kid, you see the hero cat come to his rescue. She body slams the scrappy dog almost like he’s giving it a dropkick! The dog didn’t even know what hit him! She sends the dog retreating and it’ll certainly think twice about conducting another attack on a harmless boy. The named Tara, was honored by the society for the prevention of Cruelty to Animals in Los Angeles. She even got the honor of throwing the first pitch at a minor league baseball game.The dog however was later euthanized for its aggressive behavior toward children.

3. Tiger to the Rescue
House cats aren’t the only type of feline, capable of saving a life! Tigers can do it too! Sergio was being filmed with a pride of lions at the Black Jaguar White Tiger Zoo in Mexico city! Needless to say, there are a lot of dangerous cats at this location. The bigs cats seem rather relaxed and not behaving as you would probably expect to see a person with a lion. The zookeeper, Sergio, wasn’t exactly watching his back, when a leopard runs up behind him, getting ready to pounce! This dramatic event was captured on tape and here we see the leopard stopped in its tracks by all animals, a tiger! The leopard comes very close to Sergio but the tiger isn’t letting it out of his sight! He gives his utmost thanks to the tiger that probably saved his life. Sometimes playing with big cats can get a little dangerous.

2. Italian Rescue Dog
This rescue dog was put to good work after the aftermath of the Italian earthquake that devastated parts of Italy and he even received attention from the Pope! Pope Francis met with the Black Labrador at the Vatican. The 6.2 earthquake destroyed many homes and took quite a few lives in the process. A large amount of people were still buried within the rubble. The dog named giorgia saved a young girl from the horrific aftermath of the natural disaster. The pope bent over and gave the dog a good pat on the head. We’re sure everyone wants to know why the pope wasn’t out there rescuing victims?!

1.K-9 Backup
A deputy by the name of Todd Frazier in Long Beach, Mississippi conducted a routine traffic check when he was quickly ambushed. Having the job of a police officer is never an easy task and it’s difficult to predict what will happen, even during the most routine incidents. That’s why having a k-9 in the backseat can be a lifesaver sometimes. Todd Frazier was in some serious need of backup with the 3 men in the car began assaulting the deputy and began dragging him into the forest. Even after suffering a deep gash to the forehead, he was able to unlock the cage in the backseat of his cruiser and released the beast! The K-9 unit furiously chased the bad guys into pursuit! No one wanted anything to do with this fierce dog! Criminals should really think twice before picking a fight with one of these cops or they’ll just end up like a chew toy!


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